Welcome to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church-The Church of Joy

Prayer List


Our Members

Bob Schreib, Sue Farrell-Kinder, Nori Ott, Arlene Giese, Neznamy Family,

Joan Blitzer, Norma Ohsberg and family, Robin Lever, Julia Zoll, Chick Lent, The Taylor Family, James Strouse Jr, Margaret Manza, Brian Upham, Burzynskis family, The Orzechowski family, Ron Willdig Edward Haller, Rania Talhami, Christine Ulrich, Alberta Sanchez

Loved ones of Members

Elise Mae Aspenleiter-mom of Nancy Aspenleiter,

Carl Osberg-son of Norma Osberg, 

Stacey Wallis-Kiefer-daughter-in-law of Don Kiefer,

Ketty Madsen-mother of Pastor Remo and Joann,

Adam Madsen-nephew of Pastor Remo and Joann, 

Adina Perullo-daughter of Michelle Agliano, 

Tom Alvarez-brother of Michelle Agliano, 

Matthew Michel-grandson of Norma Osberg, 

Irene Berchoff-mother of Donna and Mark Berchoff, 

Dolly Cadavid-mother of Soraya Cisotto, 

Elizabeth Brawer-grandmother of Mary Heuman, 

Larry Albrecht-brother of Laura Albrecht, 

The Anderson Family, 

Cathy Zago-friend of Joanne Pousson, 

Heather Cappellino and Luigi Cappellino– grand-daughter and great-grandson of Dixie, 

John Augner-friend of Fritzie Pisarski,

Walter Petersen-father-in-law of Gloria Petersen,

Rich Pisarski-husband of Fritzie Pisarski,

Connor Lutz-nephew of Deb Olweck,

Roy Pisarski-brother in-law of Fritzie Pisarski,

Kenneth-son of Margaret Wichern,

James Ahlers-uncle of Arline & John Rothar and Valerie Kraus & brother-in-law of Vera Lang, 

John Augner-husband of Robin Holzmann Augner,

Cathy & Lee Ann Lamotte– friends of Marla Bernstein, 

Roger Novotny– friend of Sue Eginton, 

Ellen Galione, Jan Groden– aunt and friend of Rachael Ferruggia, Sue Higgins-friend of Arlene Giese, Terry– friend of Donna Berchoff