Community Food Pantry


Pantry Hours
Wednesday 10 am -1 pm

Sunday 11:30 am to 1 pm

Here NO ONE goes hungry… ever! Everyone goes through challenging phases in life hunger should not be one of them. Hunger compromises our decisions and robs us of energy needed to progress in life. Our food pantry allows us to give as needed.
NO one need go hungry and we are committed to this vision.

Road to Recovery


Addictions are very real. Pastor Remo speaks at AA meetings and we host a SNL “Serenity Night Live” Open meeting every Saturday night. This joy based meeting is one of the most open and inviting meetings on Long Island.
        Annually our Pastor offers “The Twelve Steps of Spiritual Journey” for those exploring the possibility of being addicted as well as for those who know they are addicted. This disease can be beat and together with Good Shepherd where your Higher Power Jesus Christ is proclaimed, you will find victory.

Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser


The first peoples of our country were historically pushed further and further West to eventually be relegated to Reservations. Every October we partner with the Navaho Indians in selling the pumpkins grown on their land. Since 2005 we have sent over $225,000 directly to the Navaho Indians to help provide medical care and schooling on their reservations. Our Pumpkin Patch is not only a great way to give back but to also see what a great community we have around us as every one joins us in our fall festivities.

Mothers in Need


Support for struggling mothers is critical as we stand for supporting those in need. We send receiving blankets to homes for these new mothers across Long Island, so that they know that they and their babies are loved and welcomed. And like the blankets GOD is there to protect and keep them safe and warm.

The Mitten Tree


It is horrible to be cold in the winter… We knit and donate mittens, scarves, and hats to keep the cold away. Over 200 items are generally gathered yearly to help keep warm those who would otherwise be cold.

We gather these items on our almost famous Mitten Tree located every winter in our lobby.  

Family Christmas Tree


Celebrating Christmas without the means to celebrate is depressing. We identify families who are in need and make a huge difference in their Christmas season; generally a dozen families are impacted.

     Gifts for each family member are donated by church members as we “Adopt” a family or part of a family for Christmas. It also can be difficult to purchase a tree when funds are low…. NO ONE leaves out tree lot not being able to afford a tree. Christmas Eve …